Yesterday evening as we walked back through Taormina, we came across another wedding. The bride and groom were strolling along amidst the rest of the people all out for the evening passeggiata (the evening stroll). A camera man was following every move. It was a beautiful sight.

The main road back in Giardini Naxos, where we are staying, was closed off for the Festival of the Madonna of the Rock, so the bus let us out at some other place. We hoofed along the waterfront and soon arrived at our hotel. We had dinner at a great little trattoria along the water. Gino is going to turn into one big pasta noodle by the time he returns. I will be a fish since I’ve been eating seafood seafood seafood. And, of course, wine with every meal…except breakfast.


Before we left Taormina last night, we stopped at a quaint little bar that spilled UP some steep steps, cushions perched on the steps themselves with little tables balanced between. Middle Eastern music was playing. I was in heaven. Gino had two drinks, and I had a rather large glass of grappa. He was amazed that, yes, I drank the whole thing!

This morning after la colazione (breakfast) at the hotel — by the way, the hotel is gorgeous, filled with antiques and antiquities. The breakfast is yummy….salami, breads, fruit, cheese, cappuccini.

We bought two beach towels and walked down onto the sand just across from the hotel. Gino deserved a day to rest. He’s been such a good sport, exploring everywhere I drag him. He swam in the Mediterranean Sea while I read guide books. I took my turn in the water, and it was LOVELY! A little cool at first, but you immediately warm up, and then it just feels like the most refreshing water you’ve ever been in. It’s very salty and extremely clear.

We took a walk further down along the waterfront until we came to the Naxos archaeological excavations. It isn’t Pompeii, but still very interesting. There is a great little museum there filled with artifacts from these digs.

We had lunch, then jumped on a bus back up to Taormina. When we arrived, we took a cable car DOWN to mazzaro, the beach below, and then back up, just to have the thrill. Now we are walking around, joining the nightly passeggiata. We found an old church teeming with people. Around behind it we found an ancient Roman theater spilling out of the back wall of the church. Back in the front of the church we saw a priest in purple finery baptising a sweet little baby — ancient meets new.

Tomorrow…up to Etna.

Melinda and Gino


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