Melinda’s Trips

February 3, 2012

Dear Readers,

This is the parent blog for what has grown over the past several years into several TravelBlogs. I started out chronicling one of my trips to Italy. With only two or three weeks of vacation each year, I wanted to remember as many of my precious travel moments as I could.

I always do a lot of research prior to a trip. But you never really “get” a place until you’ve actually been there.  Post-trip researching for the blog was a great way to even more deeply understand and appreciate the history and background of what I had seen. It was also a great way to travel vicariously when I had my nose to the grindstone all those non-travel months.

As you can see, since this first blog I have created several more, detailing subsequent trips to Greece, Sicily, Ireland, Italy again, and again, and most recently, Turkey. If you would like to join me in my travels, click on any of the links you will find under the tab “My Other Travel Blogs.”

Buon Viaggio!