Gino and the Tin Men

My husband Gino seems to keep running into these guys on our trips. We certainly don’t seek them out.


This one was on a trip to Gubbio, in the Umbria region of Italy in 2000.


Oz never did give nothin’ to the Tin Man, but Gino gave some advice:
“Stay away from those newfangled can openers, my friend.”

This metal friend was found in Siena as we wandered about on our 2006 trip to Italy.


“Psssst! Can you reach the doorbell for me, Buddy?
I’ve been waiting years to get back in!”

During our morning wanderings in Palermo in September 2007, Gino meets up with yet another of his tin buddies. Somehow, they keep finding him.


We were at some friends’ house last Friday night (Dec. 2007 in Roseville, CA), and I was so surprised to see yet another of Gino’s buddies! This one is already in the holiday spirit. He is from Mexico, and the couple found him at a garage sale! I told them if they ever decide to sell it, to give us first dibs.


3 Responses to Gino and the Tin Men

  1. […] If you’ve read my past travel blogs, you will already know that Gino loves his tin men. Look here and here. […]

  2. Very cute post. Gino seems to like having fun!

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