More Monemvasia

We took some time to while away a couple afternoons on the beach. The water is simply incredible. I know I keep going on about it, but for a nonwater person like me, it’s truly something. It’s cool enough to be refreshing, but warm enough to be so comfortable. And I swear, it has healing properties. And the color, the color. I know. I’ve said it more than once.

We have eaten at some gorgeous spots, all overlooking the sea, on little tables with wooden chairs, amidst olive trees. The food…sigh.

We left this morning, sad to say goodbye to our lovely little hobbit town. We had a pleasant easy drive (again following symbols! We are actually learning to read Greek) and arrived at Gythion, a cute little fishing village. The town is small, but is a great place to use as a home base for visiting nearby sites. We settled into our room, overlooking the sea, a Greek flag flying from our balcony. Then we took off again, south to the Pyrgos Doulou caves. About six people get into a row boat, donning hard hats and life jackets, and a guide paddles you through these amazing underground caves filled with stalactites and stalagmites, the water dripping down here and there. The labyrinth of caves curves around throughout this area, they think all the way to Sparta. The ride was about 30 minutes. Truly amazing!

Back in the sun, we took the road down into the Mani, which is ROCK ROCK ROCK and olive trees. The hillsides are dotted with old stone tower houses. Everything is made of stone. It is everywhere.

We stopped for lunch at a little deserted taverna along the road. No English spoken, but we communicated and we had a lovely delicious lunch of Greek salad, the best feta I’ve ever eaten, the best potatoes in the world, and pork. Gino had a beer and I had — or I ordered — a soda water. It turned out to be a glass of tsipouro, a distilled spirit with 45% alcohol! Miscommunication! Now I had to drink at least some so as not to offend. That stuff is quite potent!

Then back safely on the road, notwithstanding the tsipouro, we made our way back to Gythion. We wandered a bit here, finding the abandoned Roman theater (small) and were amazed at the adjacent empty lots littered with fallen ancient columns and old cars. Such a contrast.

Time for dinner. Tomorrow we are heading to Mystra, near Sparta. That’s backward pointy E, Pi, triangle…

M & G


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