My home is northern California, but my heart is European. As much as I adore my native golden state, I feel an incredible pull from Europe, especially Italy. My paternal grandparents emigrated from Lombardia, the region of Italia north of Milano, in the early 1900’s. I always wondered why they left, what they left, who they left. I knew someday I would retrace their steps and find out.

After years of dreaming, in 1996 I finally made my first trip “over to the other side.”

I have had many incredible experiences on these amazing trips: exploring the Amalfi Coast on my 50th birthday, finding relatives in Italy that we knew had to be there somewhere, watching my dad embrace first cousins for the first time…and noticing they were dressed exactly alike! It’s been a wonderful dream.

Ten years and six trips later, in 2006 another first — the digital camera. Now, thanks to technology, I can share my memories with you. However, the real thanks goes to my Cosmic Twin, Marie (of Alexandria Daily Photo and Doorways Around the World), who cajoled and pestered me into creating Melinda Trips. I, who must be the last person on earth without a cell phone, was able to follow her impeccable instructions (all via email), and the result is now offered to you.

Put on your walking shoes (because we do a lot of that) and…ANDIAMO!


Melinda and husband Gino in Siena

Email me: m_brovelli at hotmail dot com

Β© 2006 text and images by Melinda Brovelli


9 Responses to About

  1. Todd Rudd says:

    This is incredible. Great job.

  2. Patrizia Neher says:

    Bravissima, Signora Melinda!!!
    You made me homesick……..I was raised near Venice and I went to school in Venice!
    You did a great job in capturing the essence of Italy: the bread and pasta store; the colourful little houses in Burano and the gondole in Venezia!
    I am glad that you joined the Gruppo Italiano. Looking forward to meeting you soon: you are a great resource for travelers and a very light packer, I may add!
    Arrivederci a presto.

  3. Gracie for following my blog πŸ˜€ I hope I did Venice some justice – sounds like you know a lot about it πŸ™‚ Arrivederci

  4. It sounds like you have had an amazing journey! Good luck with your continuing adventures!

    • mbrovelli says:

      Grazie mille! And you, as well, as you embark on your own adventures! I’m looking forward to reading about them and seeing photos as you realize your travel dreams!

  5. Ciao Melinda! Sembra una persona io dovrei conoscere bene! You seem like someone I would like to get to know! I saw that you stopped by my blog and reciprocated by visiting yours! Complimenti I see you are crazy in love with Italy like me! AND you live in northern California! Where exactly are you located…perhaps we can get together for a coffee…I am in the south bay of San Francisco (near San Jose!) Famme sapere! sarebbe un grande piacere!

    • mbrovelli says:

      Ciao Melissa! Abito a Roseville, vicino Sacramento. Non troppo lontano da te! Sarebbe veramento un gran piacere di conoscerti! Un’idea — ogni sabato mattino a small group of other “fanataci” gets together to speak Italian and have coffee. We meet at Panera’s in Sacramento on Howe Ave. It would be so fun if you could join us one Saturday morning! Other than that, I’m sure you and I can manage to meet up somewhere to introduce ourselves. Sarebbe molto divertente! I love your blog! I always try to read exclusively the Italian and then if there’s a word I don’t get, I can check your English. Molto utile! Hope to meet up!

  6. anna mosca says:

    Hi, I wanted to thank you for the follow!
    My blog is a bilingual one. So you may get links to poems in English as well as to some in Italian… Pictures, on the other hand, have no language barriers πŸ˜‰

    Was thinking if maybe we could switch πŸ˜‰ I’m from Italy and my heart is in California, LOL, and all of my family is from Lombardia!
    I like your site. Keep up the good work.

    • mbrovelli says:

      Hi Anna! I am very much enjoying your poems, both in English and in Italiano. Yes! Let’s switch hearts from time to time! Italia for California! Are you from Milano, or around there? My grandparents were born in Angera and Ranco.

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